Business Coach Jochen Welsch

Coaching for leaders and executives

Business Coach Jochen Welsch

"If you can't make it any simpler, make it even simpler."

Jochen Welsch

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I help leaders and executives in finding their inner strength
These are the methods and techniques I'm using in my coachings and trainings
Benefit from my experience and unusual coaching concepts

Business Coach Jochen Welsch

Coach and trainer for leaders and executives

I support you in giving your leadership strength and encourage your personal development.

Good grasp of people and their individual needs

I am an expert in asking you the right questions, not letting up, and uncovering your development potential.

Building bridges between people and issues

Participants call me “Presinfotainer”, since I reduce complexity, create clarity - always with lots of practical examples, entertaining and with a sense of humor.

Teaches methods vividly and makes them tangible

I bring theories to life in many colorful practical sessions, making them directly accessible - with an immediate effect for my coachees.

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My expertise

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