Methods & Techniques
in my Coaching


In my coaching sessions, I rely heavily on Transactional Analysis (TA) as a systemic consulting method. It combines deep psychological, relationship-oriented and systemic aspects of human interaction.

The overarching goal of TA is to maximize the autonomy of each individual. To this end, perception, spontaneity and the ability to create trust are stimulated.

I have successfully applied the methods of TA in my time as a manager in my teams and now I use this practical experience to recognize, develop and unfold the potential of the coachee. 

Methoden und Techniken Jochen Welsch
Methoden und Techniken Jochen Welsch


When working with me, you learn to reflect and understand yourself and others concerning your experienced reality.

TA offers theoretically and psychologically sound models and concepts for this purpose, which help to shed light on inner processes, life-historical developments and relationships with others in the appropriate context, in order to subsequently exert a positive influence.

This methodology helps you to manage change processes and issues in life and work or to master crisis situations.


Among the TA techniques I use are working with inner beliefs or inner driversas well as the Ego state model.

Other techniques I employ are: Working on valuesJohari-Windowsworking with inner and outer images, gewaltfreie Kommunikationinner guide & future self und die Persönlichkeitsanalyse mit dem Analysetool Zortify, für das ich certified Practitioner bin. Deine persönliche Zortify-Analyse kannst du über meine offer page .

All diese Methoden und Techniken kombiniere ich zu einem individuellen und ungewöhnlichen Coachingangebot, das praxisbezogen, tiefgründig und wirksam ist.

Methoden und Techniken Jochen Welsch