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Selection of my coaching packages

All offers can be booked as individual or group coaching, online or as a physical meeting (if feasible).

Solving conflicts

2 online coaching sessions with preparation and follow-up
  • For managers in conflict situations
  • Successful conflict management
  • Overcoming resistance
  • Improving cooperation

In this coaching I will support you in dealing constructively with an existing conflict. Through techniques of my active conflict management you will be able to

  • immediately act again
  • resolve conflicts
  • manage challenging situations in a positive way for everyone involved

You will also learn to recognize your limits in solving conflicts and to deal with those limits constructively. In doing so, you take a decisive step towards managing tensions and improving interaction.

Leading virtual teams

Intensive Live Online Training
  • For managers who want to strengthen their leadership
  • 4 modules of 2 virtual group trainings
  • Supporting blended learning components
  • Optional: INSIGHTS personality profile

You will learn how to inspire and effectively lead a virtual team or individual despite physical distance. You will experience how collaborative methods and communication media are used sustainably in leadership and you will understand the attitude and mindset that managers need in the digital age. The development of a team will thus also be possible for you in a virtual environment. Through interactive work in small groups and "best practice sharing" you will develop solutions for your individual challenges to strengthen your leadership role.

Zortify Analysis

Questionnaire with detailed reporting and accompanying coaching session
  • For young entrepreneurs
  • Discover personality traits
  • Train your self-perception
  • Improve entrepreneurial capital

Through this analysis, we identify existing resources that you can fall back on. This way, you can effectively master your own challenges in life and shape them positively. The analysis is also a starting point for discovering personality traits, sharpening self-perception, improving entrepreneurial capital, and developing existing potential. Anyone who wants to realize his ideas in volatile environments needs some psychological " provisions" that he can draw on in challenging situations.

Knowing the individual characteristics of personality traits that are critical for success provides a basis for reflection and broadens the range of options for guided personality development and thus for expanding one's own effectiveness.

During the coaching, we will discuss your report personally and uncover your individual development potential in detail. We will work specifically on the following three psychological dimensions: Resilience, generalized optimism and self-efficacy - your entrepreneurial capital. This will enable you to be even more successful as a manager and entrepreneur in the long term.

Authenticity in Leading

Live online training
Appearance, impact, presence - authentic (remote) leadership
  • For executives, project managers and personalities
  • Being charismatic instead of faking an impression
  • Gain persuasive power
  • Achieving something when you want it

In this live online training you will learn why your external impact depends on your inner conviction and how to appear authentic in virtual meetings. You will practice using your own personality to enhance your charisma. This will enable you to actively shape your appeal to other people. Because only what really matches you will leave an effective impression on other people. You will acquire a new repertoire of methods to lead people authentically and effectively.

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