Personalized and from Practical experience


Each theory merely provides a foundation for better understanding. But it is much more important what you can personally apply from the theory for yourself.

This is the starting point for me: Every single coaching session is individually structured and prepared by me. I respond to your needs and ask about your expectations. It is very important to me that once you leave the coaching, you can immediately apply your learnings in your professional or private environment. 

As a participant, you choose what helps you the most. For me this is the definition of adult learning

Coaching mit Persönlichkeit - Jochen Welsch


I contribute my personality and leadership experience to every coaching session. I work with practical examples and stories - with images that remain in your memory.

Never boring, always interactive and with a lot of sensitivity for group dynamic processes: I let tensions arise, sustain them and release them again. I ask the right questions and do not let up. I consolidate complex relationships to the essential in one sentence.

Together we uncover and activate your development potential. frei und aktivieren es. 

A Different Way of Learning

There are no classic lessons like in school in my coaching.  

The whole room is used for learning. Tasks can be found in cupboards, on coat hangers or hidden in folders. Learning needs to be interesting, exciting and emotional in order to have a lasting effect.

You can even throw popcorn in my coaching - because I always bring popcorn with me.Contact me now for a free initial consultation and get to know my unusual coaching.

Coaching mit Persönlichkeit - Jochen Welsch
In my coaching sessions I always have popcorn with me.