My Coaching
for Leaders and Executives


Coaching is a process of accompanying and supporting people individually. In terms of personal development, Coaching is an excellent instrument to achieve self-autonomy and to reach your goals.

When you work with me as consultant, coach and trainer,
I will give you my full attention and accompany you in your personal development and career planning.

I am specialized in dealing with professional matters. In my experience, however, private factors often play a role in the process and should therefore not be disregarded in coaching. 

Coaching mit Jochen Welsch
Coaching mit Jochen Welsch


Coaching can be initiated in any situation. You will always learn new aspects about yourself.

As a coach, I am convinced that the solution to the challenge at hand already lives within the coachees themselves. I offer you a sounding board for your issues, thoughts, and emotions. I provide you with stimuli and try to initiate positive thought spirals that let you discover the solutions yourself.

Stay Yourself by Changing Yourself.

I believe in the creativity and transformability of people and organizations. They develop and change through their experiences and through learning.

In general, every person is suited for a personal development coaching. However, you should be prepared to work on yourself in order to bring about a change. 

You get clarity about your own personality, strengthen your strengths, work on your imbalances and find solutions for challenges and change processes in life and work.

Coaching mit Jochen Welsch

Questions & Answers

This is what you can expect from my coaching:

That depends on how much trust there is in the relationship between you and me. I am responsible for building a basis of trust. Nevertheless, at a certain point you have to grant me a lead in trust. Our collaboration depends a lot on how much you are willing to open up to me and how much you are willing to expose your "blindspots" and be honest with yourself.

If you are willing to do so, your success will be in receiving professional guidance and support on your path to self-reflection. You will get a clearer picture of yourself, know your challenges and you will be able to rely on your strengths more than ever before.

Your goals will be clearly defined and therefore easier to achieve. Your challenges won't seem unsolvable and you will feel an active "urge" to tackle them with courage, motivation and optimism. If you wish, we can work together to develop your very personal purpose. That is a clear statement that describes you, your goals in life (professional/personal) and shows you again and again why your skills enable you to live and accomplish this purpose.

My coaching sessions last about 1.5 - 2 hours. Between the sessions there is also a lot happening, as the initiated thought processes continue to mature. You will receive tasks for the time between the coachings and I will provide you with impulse nuggets. 

A first meeting by phone or web conference for clarification of the matter and getting to know each other is always free of charge and takes about 30 minutes.

Only then do both you and I decide whether we really want to work together. The chemistry between us should fit. This is very important to me in order to have a trusting working relationship.

I work with people, their emotions, feelings and perceived realities. This is exactly the reason why I do not offer off-the-shelf coaching. Building block approaches are not compatible with the self-conception of my work, each coaching is individual and different.

Yes, from my experience, the same (psychological) depth and approach is possible online. This is part of my work and I put a lot of thought into how I offset the physical absence of my person in the digital space.

You can feel the intensity of the coaching via camera angle, voice pitch, eye contact, body language, sound quality. Due to that, important thought processes take place online just like they do offline.

Online coaching can even give you the advantage of opening up further because you find yourself in a well-known and familiar space. What is important is a "protected" room with a lot of trust. Creating this is my responsibility as a coach.

Even though I sometimes use methods in coaching that are also used in psychotherapy, the two fields are clearly to be distinguished in their objectives. I coach people with the goal of performance and self-development. Therapeutic goals are not part of my coaching.